Staff Profiles

     Dr. Alana Jelinek – Practicing artist and writes about theory of art, focusing on the role and value of art in society RIS Profile

 Professor Alessio Malizia – Professor of User Experience Design RIS Profile

 Dr Barbara Brownie Associate Dean for Academic Quality  RIS Profile

 Professor Grace Lees-Maffei – Professor of Design History and Programme Director for the Professional Doctorate in Heritage (DHeritage) RIS Profile

  Dr. Hayley Berman – Art psychotherapist, artist and social entrepreneur. RIS Profile

  Professor Ljubomir Jankovic –  Professor of Advanced Building Design. RIS Profile

 Professor Michael Biggs – Emeritus Professor of Aesthetics (UH) and Adjunct Professor at the University of Canberra (AU) RIS Profile

  Dr Pat Simpson – Reader in Social History of Art and Research Tutor. RIS Profile

  Sam Jury – Interdisciplinary artist and researcher. RIS Profile

  Dr Silvio Carta – Director of the Professional Doctorates in Fine Arts (DFA) and Design (DDes). RIS Profile

Dr Steven Adams Head of Research Degrees and Associate Dean for ResearchRIS Profile

  Dr Thomas Cuschieri – Illustrator and researcher –RIS Profile


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