Student Profile: Daniel Goodbrey

Daniel Goodbreyicscreen1

Daniel started his doctorate in digital comics in 2011, and is due to complete soon:

My study seeks to understand how the key characteristics of the form of comics are impacted by digital mediation. During the study I have examined digital extensions and replacements for the page, videogame hybridisation, the challenges of architectural spatiality and the integration into the form of audible, time-based soundtracks. My study is practice-lead and as part of my research I have produced a series of prototype and experimental works in both physical and digital domains. These can be viewed on my website, In conjunction with my doctoral study I have also been involved as a research partner on the Electricomics project.

Electricomics is an interdisciplinary investigation into the storytelling possibilities of digital comics. The project will result in an open-source set of tools with which users can craft stories expressly devised to test the limits of storytelling in digital comics. NESTA’s Digital R&D Fund for the Arts provided funding for this collaboration between arts, technology and research partners. Arts partner Orphans of The Storm was founded by comic writer Alan Moore and film director and producer Mitch Jenkins. Technology partner Ocasta studios are responsible for the creation of the Electricomics app and comic creation toolset. The research partners on the project are Alison Gazzard from the London Knowledge Lab at the UCL Institute of Education and myself at the University of Hertfordshire’s School of Creative Arts.

Daniel Goodbrey