Some useful mailing lists

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Academic mailing lists are a highly valuable source of ideas and support, and also help to keep you breast of current research and events in your field. If you are interested in attending or presenting at conferences, you will find Calls for Papers (CFPs) listed regularly. They also provide you with a large community of fellow researchers who can help to track down rare publications, suggest useful reading, or answer questions about your own research. Here are a few that I recommend:

PHD-DESIGNAll forms of design, including graphic design, multimedia design, architecture, produce design etc.

MECCSA and MECCSA-PGNThe mailing list of the Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association.

PICTUREBOOKRESEARCHChildren’s picture books, illustration and children’s literature.

H-MATERIAL-CULTUREHistorical and contemporary cultural artefacts and the contexts i which they are used. It also sometimes covers related topics such as product design.

DIGITAL-ARTS-FORUMWeb art, interactive art, digital art, visualisation, screen cultures, posthumanism, cybercultures.

ILLUSTRATION-RESEARCHIllustration in the broadest sense: extends to all forms of narrative art.

DRAWING-RESEARCHThe UK Drawing Research Network mailing list.

ART-TECHNOLOGYThe intersection of art and technology, including digital art, digital display of art, multimedia, cybercultures.

FILM-PHILOSOPHYAssociated with the Film Philosophy journal.

H-ARTHISTArt history (international, so not all messages are in English)

To subscribe to any of these lists, click the link above and choose ‘subscribe’. I recommend selecting the daily digest option, because some of these lists receive many messages a day and it is helpful to receive them all in a single email.